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Landscaping Accessories

Weed Barrier / Landscape Fabric

Used for weed control in flower beds, shrubberies, around trees, or in decorative rock/mulch beds


High Quality 4.1-oz : 3' (50',100',250'), 4' (100',250'), 6x250

Best Quality 5-oz : 3'x250, 4'(100',250'), 6'x250​​

29oz ExtremeBondAdhesive.jpg
Adhesive 10.5oz.jpg

Extreme Bond Adhesive - 10.5oz & 29oz

Adhesive for retaining walls and caps

10.5oz (Available per or in cases of 24)

29oz (Available per or in cases of 12)


Polymeric Sand

Used for sealing joints between paving and patio stones.

Available in 50lbs bags in three colours:


Jet Black

Oxford Grey

Nevada Tan



Lawn Edging - 20ft

Flex Edging - 7.5ft

Snap Edging - 8ft

Landscape Staple.jpg

Misc Accessories:

-Reinforcement grid

-Spiral Nails

-Fabric Staples

-Fabric Pins


-10" Spikes (Box)

*Camrose Landscape Supplies cannot guarantee to have access to all accessories at all times, due to supply chain delays and other outside factors. That said, we take our customer service very seriously and thank you for your patience and understanding at this time!

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